Handle compressed directories

This is an example of how to use transformations (trans_install and trans_update) to store compressed directories and deploy them with dotdrop.

Start by defining the transformations:

  uncompress: "mkdir -p {1} && tar -xf {0} -C {1}"
  compress: "tar -cf {1} -C {0} ."

Then import the directory by specifying which transformations to apply/associate:

dotdrop import --transw=compress --transr=uncompress ~/.somedir

The read transformation uncompress is used to execute the below command before installing/comparing the dotfile (where {0} is the source and {1} the destination):

mkdir -p {1} && tar -xf {0} -C {1}

And the write transformation compress is run when updating the dotfile directory by compressing it (where {0} is the source and {1} the destination):

tar -cf {1} -C {0} .

See transformations.