Uservariables entry

The uservariables entry (optional) contains a collection of variables whose values are queried from the user (See User variables).

  <variable-name>: <prompt>

If you want to manually enter variables' values, you can use the uservariables entry. Each variable will be prompted to the user.

For example:

  emailvar: "email"

will prompt the user to enter a value for the variable emailvar:

Please provide the value for "email":

And store the entered text as the value for the variable email. The variable can then be used as any other variable.

uservariables are eventually saved to uservariables.yaml (relatively to the config file). This allows to use the following construct to prompt once for some specific variables and then store them in a file. You might also want to add uservariables.yaml to your .gitignore.

  emailvar: "email"
    - uservariables.yaml:optional

For an example, see prompt user for variables.