Variables entry

The variables entry (optional) contains a variables mapping (See variables).

  <variable-name>: <variable-content>

Variables defined in the variables entry are made available within the config file.

For example

  myvar: "some value"
  home: "{{@@ env['HOME'] @@}}"
  email: ""

Config variables are recursively evaluated, which means that a config like the below:

  var1: "var1"
  var2: "{{@@ var1 @@}} var2"
  var3: "{{@@ var2 @@}} var3"
  var4: "{{@@ dvar4 @@}}"
  dvar1: "echo dvar1"
  dvar2: "{{@@ dvar1 @@}} dvar2"
  dvar3: "{{@@ dvar2 @@}} dvar3"
  dvar4: "echo {{@@ var3 @@}}"

will result in the following available variables:

  • var1: var1
  • var2: var1 var2
  • var3: var1 var2 var3
  • var4: echo var1 var2 var3
  • dvar1: dvar1
  • dvar2: dvar1 dvar2
  • dvar3: dvar1 dvar2 dvar3
  • dvar4: var1 var2 var3